Bryant is a Keynote Speaker

Bryant Nielson

Executive Director for CapitalWave Inc. CapitalWave is a global training firm that specializes in “Technology Enabled Learning & Training” for corporations and universities for the financial markets.

As a technologist, I seek to weave learning and technology together in a manner that allows for a higher level of student engagement and a deeper knowledge absorption. Engagement, Inspiration, Articulation and Understanding are all apart of the Rise of Digital’s (aka Millennials).

Passionate about “Blockchain”, it role in changing how finance will be changed in the next 100 years.


May 3-5: Quantech Blockchain Innovations Conference – NYC: Keynote “Blockchain as a Disruptive Technology”
May 17-18 The Trading Show – Chicago: Speaker “The Blockchain Debate”
Jun 26-27 Mobile Contactless Payments Innovations Summit, Chicago: Keynote “Blockchains impact on Payments and Remittances”
Oct 17 MassChallenge Mexico City: Keynote “The Blockchain Tsunami”
Oct 24-25 WorldBlock Chain Summit – Dubai UAE: Keynote topic not created
Nov 29-30 Blockchain Expo – Santa Clara, CA: Keynote topic not created

Strong believer that a tsunami of change is coming to the corporate training market. MOOC’s have shown the fault-lines in training, costs and delivery of programs to geographically diverse staff. Embracing this learning-framework, we seek to add more than just value to our clients, but to also revolutionize the vendor/client relationship.

CapitalWave a leader in offering simulation platforms on Trading, Portfolio Construction, Fixed Income Trading, Forex Trading, Option Strategies as well as market trading via our Real Market Trading Simulator. Delivering innovative and clever training experiences that enable faster adoption of difficult and complex financial concepts.

“The Rise of the Digitals: Dominating the Disruptive 21st Century Workplace” – Seminar
“Technology Enabled Learning for the Financial Sector” – Presentation / Seminar


Bryant has been an industry speaker in the Blockchain as well as the Learning & Development space for over 7 years.